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Business Insurance

Business seminars and motivational speakers expound on the merits of taking risks. You’ve heard them all: “Successful entrepreneurship involves taking risks,” “The fear of taking risks may be holding you back,” and “You learn from taking risks.”

Insurance is not one of those times! Risky business decisions should be taken with wisdom after a risk assessment. So should business insurance!

Insurance brings peace of mind, take the time to consider it carefully and to do it properly. Make sure that the insurance products you select are fit for purpose and the cover is adequate. You do not want to realise too late that you were not adequately covered.

Risk Assessment Steps

We are happy to help you with this simple risk management process, which we suggest our clients follow:


Identify all potential threats to your business.  We categorise those into ‘natural disasters’ (wind, storm, lightning etc.). ‘Acts of crime’ (burglary, armed robbery, hijacking etc.), and ‘accidental damage’ (motor vehicles, drilling through a pipe, etc.).


Next, consider the likelihood of those events happening and how much of a loss it would mean to your business.   The chance of a vehicle accident, for example, is high, but the size of the loss would be medium to high. The likelihood of a fire breaking out is relatively low, but the loss would be enormous.


Eliminate and reduce those risks you can, and finance those which you cannot. Insurance is the most practical way of doing that. An experienced insurance specialist would be able to carry out a risk assessment and advise you on the correct Small Business Insurance you need and the options available to you.

“Am I adequately insured?” are words that should be used confidently at planning stage, not dubiously at claim stage.

There are dozens of optional add-on products that cover specific incidents.  All too often, business owners take out an insurance product believing it to be an all-inclusive, any-incident product. Sometimes it is, but often it is not. 

Learn to ask questions like: “Does my Business Insurance cover food delivery? Or “does my business insurance cover my stock?” Alternatively, go easy on yourself, contact our trained advisors who know the questions to ask you!  Once we have a comprehensive list of all the risks associated with your business, we will send you a quote and discuss your options with you.  Remember, we are only there to guide you, to help you consider the risks and to offer you the options available to you. The decision is always yours.

Insurance for
Tradesmen & Contractors

Let’s face it, working outside, up ladders, or with tools comes with hazards. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, painter, plasterer, carpenter, tree surgeon, handyman, locksmith, tiler, landscaper or cleaner, there is not a tradesman alive who has not had an accident, even a small one, while on the job.  

What is more, as a tradesman, you spend much of your time on the road and different properties. This puts you, your vehicle, your tools and machinery at a high risk of theft and damage. 

It is not only your personal safety you have to consider. The security of your clients and the protection of their property should be your priority.

No matter how conscientious, compliant, or cautious you are, mistakes do happen.

Whether you need to protect your income, due to personal injury, or your business from an expensive liability suit, the specialist insurance team at Hinson Hurst will discuss your industry-specific risks and options. We will customise a comprehensive Tradesman Insurance policy that is right for you. 

When you need to update your policy or make a claim, we make that easy too. We are always available if you need any support.

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What can be included in our Insurance for Tradesmen Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Van Insurance

Tool Insurance

Personal accident insurance

Contractors all-risk insurance (CAR)

Business interruption insurance

Jury service

Event Planner Insurance

Insurance that will go as planned

When it comes to event planning, it is more than legal compliance. Your financial survival depends on your reputation.

As a professional event or party planner, you are hands-on in your business. You know very well how an unforeseen circumstance, caused by either accident or negligence, can do immense damage to your business. 

An increasing number of event planners are being blamed for injuries and damage that happens at their events. While Event Planner Insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, it is not something you should dismiss lightly!

What is Event Planner Insurance?

Event Planner Insurance will cover you against risks, which include an incorrect venue booking, mismanagement of contractors, theft of professional equipment or personal property.

Whether you are organising a conference, an exhibition, a party or a wedding, you need peace of mind! Should the unexpected happen, both you and your business are secure and protected with one comprehensive Event Planner Insurance policy.

At Hinson Hurst, our personalised Event Planner Insurance policies are designed to enable you to customise your policy; to add, remove and adjust the cover value for different parts of the package until it is precisely how you need it.  We will ensure you know your options to make the right choice.  

Your insurance portfolio includes all the essential cover you need in one simple policy.

What can be included in our Event Planner Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Business Equipment insurance

Products Liability Insurance

Business Contents Insurance

Building Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

Tool Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Cancellation insurance

Business interruption insurance

If you are an expert at planning events, we are the expert you can trust to cover them.

Motor Trade Insurance

Insurance that moves when you need it to

When your business is cars you are responsible for a lot of value. Whether the vehicles are stock you are selling, or customers’ vehicles under your care, you will want to ensure they are adequately covered.

Hinson Hurst’s Motor Traders Insurance provides cover for motor traders of all sizes. The policies will cover all the risks associated with motor vehicle retailers. 

Types of Motor Trade Insurance WE OFFER

Road Risk Only Motor Insurance

Do you drive cars you do not own?  Whether you buy, sell or repair vehicles, this insurance is ideal for you.  This insurance gives you the same options as personal insurance does:  Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Fully Comprehensive insurance.

Liability Motor Trader Insurance

There is always a possible danger around vehicles, whether they are moving or not, even indirectly, from something like an oil spill.  This insurance protects you against injuries to your customers, your visitors, and their property. Ensure your protection against legal fees, medical bills or expenses.  

Combined Motor Trader Insurance

Combined Motor Trade Insurance is a comprehensive solution that is generally selected by large motor trade businesses, which typically have a showroom, forecourt and a service centre.   It is a full-solution package that covers road risks, employers liability, theft, damage to machinery, stock and customers’ vehicles, business interruption, and more.  The point is, it is specific to your business, and you only pay for what you need.

Important points to consider when selecting a Motor Trade Insurance

Speak to us about your motor trade business before you select your cover. There is important information you need to know, and consider, when making your choice.

The vehicle value – claims are paid at trade value, bear that in mind when paying retail prices for vehicles.

Exclusions – you may need to consider specialist vehicle cover if you work with vehicles that are excluded from some policies.

Trading from premises – if you work from home, most insurance companies will not consider your home address a business premise. A road risk policy alone may not be enough for your needs. Remember to discuss premises cover with your insurance specialist. 

Insurance options for the motor trade

Based on a standard policy, we have add-on packages specific to your unique industry.

What can be included in a Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Vehicle stock

Car dealer at-home policy

Material damage cover

Demonstration cover

Specialist vehicle cover

Business equipment, including tools

Machinery and plant cover

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Insurance that is driven by detail

Managing a fleet is difficult enough. From your staff to your wheels, you want your business covered! 

When your business is cars, always on the move, you want a single, hassle-free solution.  No matter how many commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, buses or trailers you have, we will customise an insurance package to match your specific needs.  We will keep you on the road, confidently doing what you need to be doing.

Did you know you can add your private vehicles in with your Commercial Vehicle Insurance to include business use? That way, your personal vehicles will be insured for business use if you need to use them to make a collection or delivery, or to transport somebody for business reasons. 

Your level of insurance options is the same as for private vehicles.  Select from three levels of insurance and decide which you need for each individual vehicle:


  • Third-party only (TPO) – This is the minimum level of cover you legally must have in the UK.  The damage done to other vehicles will be covered in the event of an accident, other people and their property will be covered, but your own vehicle and property will not be covered.


  • Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT) – Damage to any third parties, their vehicles and property will be covered.  Your vehicles are also insured against fire and theft.


  • Fully comprehensive - Choose comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance to cover your fleet against loss and damage from an accident, fire or theft.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance available

Fleet Insurance

Taxi insurance

Haulage insurance

Courier insurance

Catering van insurance

Named driver policies

Motor trade road risks insurance


What can be included in our Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Tools cover

Passenger protection

Breakdown and recovery

Uninsured loss recovery

Window breakage

Goods in transit

Always be very clear on your Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Know precisely what you are covered for and against.  Understand your options, decide on the risks and protect your fleet against them.

  • Breakdown cover – do not allow your vehicles or staff to be stranded on the side of the road 
  • Vehicle hire after an accident – your vehicle repairs may be taken care of, but what do you drive in the meanwhile?
  • Goods in transit – covers the cost of the stock that may be stolen end route or damaged in an accident 
  • Hire and reward insurance – if your vehicles are used as a taxi for removals or deliveries, you will need this specific add-on to your vehicle insurance
  • Any driver – allows all your vehicles to be driven by any of your employees, regardless of their age and driving history
  • Personal effects cover – covers your personal property inside the vehicle whether damaged or stolen
  • Legal expenses cover – if an accident or theft lands up in court your legal fees will be covered
  • Loss of keys – if you have lost one, you will know it is not a small price to pay!
  • Replacement locks – if you replace a lost key, what about the locks?
  • Trailer insurance – driving with a trailer can be tricky; it requires a lot more concentration and increases your risk on the road. Whether it is a standard house-hold trailer or a custom-designed trailer that carries your expensive equipment, it just makes sense to insure it against loss, damage and theft.

Hospitality Insurance

Insurance that will rock when you roll

Working in hospitality is often described as a lifestyle, not a job. It is an industry frequently fuelled by passion and personal investment.  When you have put your savings in with your heart and soul, you want protection and insurance against life’s uncertainties.

Hinson Hurst’s Hospitality Insurance products are not restricted to general hospitality.  So, if you own a hotel, club, restaurants, pub or bar, B&B or Air Bib, health spa or guesthouse, we will customise a selection of products specifically to cover areas unique to your establishment. 

What can be included in our Hospitality Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Products liability insurance

Business contents insurance

Business interruption insurance

Cyber liability

Small craft insurance

Stock deterioration insurance

Cancellation of bookings

Damage to landscaping and features

Guest effects, stolen during a robbery

Power surge damage

Business Equipment insurance

Aviation Insurance

Insurance that won’t leave you high and dry

On the runway or in the air, the aviation industry and aircraft owners face unique risks and challenges.  Whether flying is your business or your passion, you need a specialist Aviation Insurance solution to protect your aircraft, business, passengers and freight.

Whether you own one aircraft or a flight, our expert advisors will customise a range of Aviation Insurance products unique to your business needs.  Your bespoke solution will be a blend of products sufficient to cover single-engine or multi-engine, jets, turboprops, fixed-wing or rotor-wing aircraft, vintage planes or hot-air balloons!

 We know that aircraft insurance is significantly different from commercial or motor vehicle insurance. The insurance professionals at Hinson Hurst will work hard to earn and keep your business. 

What can be included in our Aviation Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Passenger liability insurance

Personal accident cover for crew and passengers

Products liability insurance

Business interruption insurance

Aircraft insurance

Hull all-risk insurance

Pilot excess insurance

Buydown insurance

Third-party legal liability insurance

Spares and equipment insurance

Airport owners and operator’s insurance

Turbine engine breakdown cover

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