Hinson Hurst Insurance


My story begins with a question: With online sign-ups, helpdesk bots and automatic renewals, do people really care about personal service? Or do they just want to get it done?

Okay, that may be two questions.
Thousands of products work perfectly well with a one-click purchase button. Ask Amazon. Insurance, however, is not one of those products. I am passionate about that.

My name is Rehan Jamil. I was born and raised in Oxford City, birthplace of Stephen Hawking and home to Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, and the Oxford University. It is now home to me and my family. It is where I have chosen to base my businesses. Where we relax in front of the cricket, watch the football, or take in an Al Pacino movie (who doesn’t love Al?). Oxford is where I have hung my hat.

Genuine Care & Attention

‘A person’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of their attention to detail’ by J F Dulles is the mantra I live my life by. With the focus of Hinson Hurst Insurance, I strive to deliver a service that is incomparable.

I take pride in the personal and detailed relationship that I, and my team at Hinson Hurst, achieve with our clients. We work hard to understand the complexities and risks of your business, and to deliver a proposal that will cover you in any eventuality that you agree is necessary.

Hinson Hurst is a trained and licensed Appointed Representative for Clegg Gifford Insurance. Contact me to discuss your insurance needs, and how we can help you find the right cover for your business. No fuss, no waffle, only genuine care, and attention.

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